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Manufacturing Organizations

We understand that shift work is the backbone of your organization. It is how you maintain your competitive edge and how you give customers the best service possible. However, the sad reality is that your shift work employees may be suffering on the job and at home. The culprit is a range of circadian rhythm related disorders.  Circadian rhythm is our natural body clock, a roughly-24-hour cycle that impacts our biochemical, physiological and behavioral processes.

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a disorder that affects an estimated 20 million Americans. It is a leading cause of drowsy driving and it is no doubt a critical public safety issue.  It can also cost your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in health care costs, equipment damage and much more.

Because shift work disrupts normal sleep patterns, these disorders are common in your industry. They can have steep consequences for individuals and employers.  


You can minimize the impact of these sleep disorders with Respironics Light Therapy from Sleep Center of the Rockies® .

Your Plan for Healthy Employees and a Healthy Bottom-line

  • Sleep Center of the Rockies® will consult with your insurance provider and determine a strategy for meeting federal compliance standards
  • We’ll schedule and conduct sleep studies for your team of driving professionals
  • This process will give doctors important information about how individuals sleep and breathe
  • They’ll determine cost-effective diagnosis and treatment options
  • You have more productive, healthy employees, lowering insurance and liability costs and keeping individuals safe on the road

Forget what you’ve heard about other sleep centers. The Sleep Center of the Rockies is not a laboratory; instead we offer a 5-star hotel experience that happens to be staffed by skilled sleep experts and outfitted with superior sleep diagnostics equipment.