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CPAP Compliance

Personalized Attention and Customized Equipment

At the Sleep Center of the Rockies, you'll always receive personalized attention from experienced repository therapists. Our therapists will manage your complete CPAP compliance program, including diagnosing your OSA or other sleep disorder, and delivering and fitting CPAP equipment.

While other sleep centers may require a check-in twice a year, at the Sleep Center of the Rockies you'll be in contact with our repository therapists every three months, either through a phone consult or an in-person appointment.

Our CPAP Compliance Program manages important CPAP issues for you. As the only comprehensive sleep center in northern Colorado, we recommend treatments and therapy, supply the equipment as well as follow up with compliance.

Insurance and CPAP Compliance

Our data-capable CPAP machines help track your therapy progress and performance over time. This means we can make changes in your setup, like adjusting your mask, or increasing or decreasing your pressure to ensure effective treatment. We can also provide necessary documentation to maintain CPAP compliance.

Sleep Center of the Rockies delivers:

  • Sleep studies, and a comprehensive treatment plan and therapy
  • Insurance billing support, including CPAP compliance
  • Complete CPAP supplies and equipment such as: filters, humidifier parts, hoses and tubing, masks and more.