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Dr. Allen D. Brandon

Allen D. Brandon is a licensed psychologist with extensive background and experience in the areas of psychology and human behavior. He applies a multi-disciplinary approach based on his clinical experience and his overall commitment to deliver exceptional and personal patient care. He has given several keynote addresses at industry events, led workshops, and hosted a radio program discussing important topics such as, psycho-spirituality, coping skills, strategies for dealing with depression, anger and anxiety post 09/11, and much more.  He’s also written articles and been consulted in the development of industry articles in Healing Path Magazine, Real Life Magazine, and Mental Health Magazine.

Prior to becoming a founding member of the Colorado SleepCenter of the Rockies®, Allen Brandon served as the Founder and Clinical Director of Rocky Mountain Neuropsychological Sciences, P.C. He received his professional training at Harvard Medical School’s Massachusetts General Hospital and the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, as well as Colorado State University.